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Qualcomm snapdragon octa-core
Support custom display, NFC, QR Code Scanner
0.03 second of QR Code recognization
11.6﹄ IPS HD display, view angle up to 170°
Support Wi-Fi networking
58mm or 80mm Seiko printer(optional)


SUNMI T2 MINI Not only beautiful, but also with strength

Multiple supports beyond your expectation.

  • Unlimited network accessanywhere at any time
    optional 4G module, free networking with it, both in indoor and outdoor occasions
  • Mass applications, to become more excellentMass safe commercial applications can be downloaded through SUNMI’s approval
    which will be totally free, to help you to deal with various scenarios calmly
  • Bluetooth 4.0To make unlimited expansion possible
  • Optional tax control moduleTo provide optional tax control module for easy installation with overseas demanders